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Our activities

Project deliverables
for the year 2016

The Project is set to achieve the following goals

A database of at least 8,000 farmers and nursery owners engaged in sustainable of development of farm agro forestry and fuel wood conservation program in 5 LGAs of north western Katsina State.

At least 50 private nurseries across the 5 LGAs in the first year established through PPP arrangements for raising of local breed of seedlings for distribution to farmers.

At least 1000 farmers and nursery owners across the 5 LGAs trained on farm agroforestry management practices.

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Project deliverables for the year 2016

• Capacity developed among 100 local porters on in-situ and pre-cast mud stove production across the 5 LGAs.

• At least 1000 Youth and women belonging to CBOs trained on processing of local NWFPs across the 5 LGAs.

• At least 1000 hectares of farm land utilized for various models of agroforestry to be propagated across the LGAs.


The death of the forest is the end of our life.
- Dorothy Stang

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